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Aruba is a great nation

Aruba is prosperous. Prosperity is not only about our finances, in its relationships, physical health, emotional and mental well being and our spiritual growth. Together we can make Aruba prosperous in al areas. Add your voice to what it means for the Aruban nation to be prosperous.

Nation – Aruba is a great nation

A prosperous nation driven by well-informed and empowered individuals and organizations with strong values, who work together, for collective well-being

We are so blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful island, a place where the air is clean, the ocean is crystal clear, its people are friendly and hospitable. Even though small, Aruba has a great destiny as a nation. Someone once said: “Small is the new Big”… We agree – Our size does not determine our potential or our ability to contribute to the world. However, when we carry the burden of debt, our people become poorer, our systems allow corruption and our spirits lose hope and we lose our opportunity to be a great nation! We have to deal with these issues, for us to be able to create a future today, a bright future for each member of this great family called Aruba.

What would H.O.P.E. look like
For our Nation

An Aruba where the nation:

  • Has values that set a cultural identity.

  • Defines prosperity not only as financial, but physical, emotion/mental, relational, and spiritual as well.

  • Has prosperous souls who are good stewards of their wealth and health, share with the poor (walk in love), are ethical, find fulfillment in spiritual growth, are rich in their relationships, and are contently productive.

  • Has a prosperous system that is an example to the world of good stewardship of national wealth and health; one that takes into account the poor and finds productivity in harmony with equity, ethical behavior, and spiritual transcendence.

  • Has citizens who are generous, equitable, and rich in their relationships and spiritual growth.

  • Where individuals, households, government, businesses and organizations are empowered to be good stewards of our ecology, health, and wealth for generations to come.

  • Models ethical conduct, honest proceeds, enhanced productivity, and innovation.

  • Where individuals, households, government, businesses and organizations co-create and co-experience the foundation of stewardship in the core of the ecosystem where they operate.


Coordinators HopeAruba Movement
Area of Success: NATION

The Area of Success, Nation is coordinated by Rendell and Lay Hing de Kort - Yee. During his studies in the Netherlands in International Business Management, Rendell de Kort came to the conclusion that besides assisting entrepreneurs maximize profit gain he would like to contribute to answering some questions that seem to be simple yet profound that he encountered while participating in a social program in a less developed area in Indonesia: Why do not all country’s reach the level of development as other European country’s? Why, after decades of social programs we have not been able to eradicate world poverty? Or created the condition in which all people can get the maximum out of their potential? In search for this answer he continued his studies with a Masters Degree in Economic Development at the University of Manchester in England. After finishing his studies Rendell 

returned to Aruba and works as an Economist in the investigation department of the Central Bank where he co-constructs the economic narrative and projections for Aruba. His passion is to investigate, use data and analysis to reach conclusions, decisions and recommendations.


From a very young age, Lay Hing de Kort -Yee started to get an interest for the business world. She was raised in the heart of Main Street where they used to live behind her fathers’ business. Daily she observed what is meant to be a businessperson. This inspired her to choose to study and finish her Bachelors Degree in Business Economics and her Masters Degree in Finances. The foundation of her career was formed at the Aruba Investment Bank (AIB), which was instrumental for her to understand more about business and investment management. In 2013, she made a change switching from the banking sector to the Tourism sector. Here, she functioned as a financial analyst and tourism specialist. After 7 years she decided to follow her desire to start her own business. Today, Lay Hing combines her passion for volunteering and the social sector with her experience in counseling on how to develop platforms for social entrepreneurship.

Click here and find out more about Rendell & Lay Hing de Kort-Yee in "A look at Myself" Series.

"A look at  Myself" series


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