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Families are healthy and whole

If we are passionate about creating a better destiny for our nation, we also need to be passionate in making sure that families are whole – strong, stable and complete – each member counts and is taken care of. Add your voice to what it means for families to be whole and complete.

Families are healthy and whole

Families are the foundation of the structure of a nation, its glue, its inheritance. Without the experience of being a member of a strong family, our identity is affected and it is hard for us to identify who we are, where we belong, and if we are of importance to another. Even though families are never perfect, family is important, they are the pillars of a nation. We need families to be strong and healthy, complete so that our children can fulfill their maximum potential.

What would H.O.P.E. look like

For our Families

An Aruba where families:

  • Possess high standards and values.

  • Are healthy and whole, e.g., steward households in which the parents are present and where hunger, alcohol, drugs, adultery, pornography, and mistreatment of women and children are absent.

  • Marriages are happy and strong

  • Raise strong and healthy children.

  • Build strong bonds and support each other emotionally.

  • Participate together in sports, art, music, and other healthy activities.

  • Are educated about finances, their household finances are stable, and they do not live in poverty.

  • Invest in their future, physically, educationally, financially, and otherwise.

  • Are active participants in encouraging and helping other families.

Quilin Arends
Coordinator HopeAruba Movement
Area of Success: FAMILY

Quilin Arends-Maduro was born on January 22, 1968 at the Lago Hospital in San Nicolas, Aruba. She was the second child of the three children of her mother, and father. She grew up in a family with financial challenges, and a lot of violence. Her father died at a young age, and her mother worked very hard to make sure all her three children went to study abroad. Quilin developed a strong faith in God, since she was 8 years old, and had a lot of encouragement of her family, and neighbors who encouraged her to study. Her stepfather Niki, with whom her mother got her fourth child Jesseline, was also a great support to her, when her mother remarried.

At the age of 18 years, she went to study Business Economics in Holland. In 1990, she came back, and worked for more than 11 years in the banking sector. In 1993, she married the man of her life, Randolph Arends, with whom she got 3 children: Hannah, Jerahmy, and Jean-Pierre.


These children were the reasons for her career change in 2001, when she went to work at EPI College in order to have more time to dedicate to them. After her study abroad, she also worked for 7 years as a teacher of Management Organization, and Economics at Colegio Arubano. And in 2013, she felt the called to go serve as the Director of Stichting Casa Cuna Progreso.


Randy, and Quilin are very active in the community of San Nicolas, and Savaneta, where they have a special calling to work with the children of the neighborhood, and where they pastor a church together.


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