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Communities are committed to one another and united in a common bond.

Together we will construct a prosperous nation, however, we cannot construct a prosperous nation without communities that are committed to one another and united - committed to the benefit of the nation, to one another and united in a common bond – we are all children of this land. Add your voice to what it means for communities to be committed and united.

Communities are committed and united

Communities of individuals and families, unified by their strengths, uniqueness, freedom of expression, shared values and sense of responsibility for the well-being of others


Coordinators HopeAruba Movement
Area of Success: COMMUNITY

Giovanni Fernando Kock and Anna Susana (Suzy) Kock - Croes are the coordinators of the Area of Success: Community. Both Giovanni y Suzy are born and raised in Aruba and are married to each other for 25 years.

Giovanni Kock after having finished his secondary studies in Aruba, went to continue his studies in Business Administration with emphasis on Cooperativism at the University in Costa Rica. Aside from his corporate job, he was part of the board of various organizations, like CEDE Aruba, SKOA, SEPB and Aruba Lions Club.

Suzy Kock after having finished his secondary studies joined the labor force. In the year 2000 she followed her heart, and went back to school to finish her studies to become a Social Worker. After having finished her studies as a Social Worker

she started to work for a company where she is still working since the year 2004. In 1996 they adopted and welcomed a 5 year-old girl in their family who, ever since forms an integral part of their lives. In 2014, their family extended with a beautiful princess. As a family, they like to travel and spend time with family and friends. 


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What does it mean to be part of a community? We live in a world that treats people as consumers. We consume, breathe, drink water, buy things, we just consume…..when this is the way we are used to living, we either live to consume more, or we believe that others are responsible to give us what we need. Neither one is correct. To be a citizen, a person that understands that to live in a nation, community, city or neighborhood is a privilege and that they can make a difference in that place because of their presence, their love, their commitment, gifts and talents. Add your voice and unique color to your community – make it a special one, simply because YOU are special.

What would H.O.P.E. look like

For our Communities

An Aruba where communities:

  • Are actively engaged in creating their future.

  • Have access to affordable energy [SDG 7]

  • Are self-sustained, produce its own resources, and are not dependent on outside sources, e.g., responsible consumption [SDG 12]

  • Are active participants in an economy that provides all their needs.

  • Are committed and united, e.g., come together as one and contribute to the hope-filled futures of individuals and families.

  • Engage in cooperativism (jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprises rooted in the values of self-help, self-responsibility, sustainability [SDG 11], equality, equity, democracy, and solidarity).

  • Where people, not merely profit, are at the center of a cooperative's economic activity.

  • Look for opportunities where the community can come together and participate in building of their future, e.g., farming activities, food supply.

  • Participate in the issues that are most important to them.

  • Celebrate their uniqueness, while accepting others as equally special.

"A look at  Myself" series


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