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HopeAruba - The Movement

A national movement for Civic Synergy. The acronym H.O.P.E. stands for: Honor, Opportunity, Productivity and Excellence. It's about honorable citizens that do good and are productive towards the benefit of others, our nation and they do this in Excellence.


Vision Statement HopeAruba:

Well-informed and empowered individuals, families and communities who work together, use their voice and potential to produce solutions for collective well-being.



Mission Statement HopeAruba:

To engage and connect individuals to participate in national transformation.

HopeAruba Movement
HopeAruba Movement
HopeAruba Movement

HopeAruba is a civic platform founded to bring change on our island through dialogue and personal contribution that will lead to collective solutions providing vision, structure and practical actions for the benefit of our nation. 

Founded by Lisette M. Malmberg, an Aruban business woman, investor and social justice activist, together with a group of citizens that do not have a political charge. They came together to brainstorm on how they can contribute to national transformation. The first thing that they realized is that true prosperity is more than material.  

Read Lisette M. Malmberg's biography HERE:

Real prosperity is characterized in 5 areas: 

  1. Relational,

  2. Physical,

  3. Emotional/Mental,

  4. Spiritual and

  5. Financial.|

Based on this definition of prosperity, HopeAruba will develop initiatives on a collaborative platform that will be measured in five Areas of Success: Individual, Family, Community,  Nation and Values.

Social Challenges
Our nation has prospered in many ways, unfortunately, this prosperity has not been properly managed, and we now have more social challenges than ever; such as divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, a high secondary school drop-out rate among the youth, crime, etc.

Our national debts, our personal debts, all these things have drowned out our potential, our voice. Without us taking notice, our nation is going in a direction. Is this the direction that will take us to prosperity? We all have a voice. All of us will have to live with the results of our actions or inactions. Thus, a civic platform.

A Collaborative Platform
If we create a platform where people feel safe to participate, give their ideas, and where their strategies are welcome. We, at HopeAruba, believe we can create a different future. Always, in the history of the world, when impacting social changes took place, there was a group of people who came together and said; ‘we can bring the change we desire to see.’

We need to arise on a different platform. We cannot continue to do the things we have always done and expect a different result. All of us need to take our share, our responsibility.

Part of HopeAruba’s vision that already became a reality is the Rehabilitation Center Cas Speransa Nobo, which recently opened its doors at Alto Vista. This initiative is the first fruit of the collaborative platform of HopeAruba Movement.

The Movement is being carried by two important pillars:
Pillar 1: Social businesses and companies whose profit will be used to sustain social projects, e.g. Goshen Sustainable Development Corporation VBA.
Pillar 2: HopeAruba Fundacion Restauracion – the organization through which social projects could be realized in a collaborative way with local and international partners, like in the case of Cas Speransa Nobo.

Invitation to Synergy
We want to invite you to join this collaborative platform. By joining HopeAruba Movement, you, together with other “Ambassadors of HOPE”, will have a voice to express your ideas, your worries and your suggestions.

Only in this type of synergy – together AS ONE HopeAruba Family – will we reach a healthy and strong ‘formation of collective solutions’ created by citizens to benefit every citizen – individual and collective, and be contributors to the progress of our nation.

If you share this vision, it will take you to:

1.    Personal transformation;
2.    Progress in the well-being of your family;
3.    A sense of unity and collaboration in our community;
4.    Prosperity in every area of our nation and
5.    A common language of values that identifies us as children of this nation. 

Ken nos ta
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